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Our Team


Faith Adogame

Originally from Edo state, in South-West Nigeria, Faith Adogame is a German teacher in Princeton, NJ. She has a passion for teaching and studying languages and she returns to Nigeria annually to be immersed in the beauties of a local dialect called Ojah. Faith is currently pursuing a master’s degree at Rutgers University in Global Communications.
“I look forward to teaching you about my rich culture and language. Lets change the narrative together.” -Faith Adogame, instructor


Ashley Elabo

 Ashley is a logistician who is passionate about professional development and humanitarian aid. She chose to work in the supply chains and transportation industry after serving 10 years in the Air Force. Ashley earned her Masters in Humanitarian Logistic. She then went on to partner with organizations involved in both national and international humanitarian efforts. Today, Ashley commits herself to developing the professional skills of employees, first-line supervisors, and managers. 

“I look forward to helping clients achieve success.” - Ashley Elabo, Consultant 

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