The Legend of the Rocks

In the midst of the Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area, there is a massive boulder, weighing in at 127 tons, that’s peacefully balanced atop of three smaller rocks. My family's first hike of the summer was to see this site, officially called Tripod Rock.

In the shade of this natural beauty, my Nigerian husband and I had a discussion. In traditional African society, he said, people operate in the best interest of the collective, so behaviors and actions of the people are carefully regulated by oracles who descend from the rocks and caves. For a rock to have that configuration, in Nigerian indigenous society, it is the home of a spirit. This residence we call Tripod Rock would be regarded as a hallowed ground. Those who disobey the traditional Nigerian laws would be sent to an area like this to come before the spirits. As we travel all over the world, I’m learning that rock formations not only captivate people but have their own place in society. What significance might these breathtaking sites have for you, personally?

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Need to Know

  • Cell phone service is good throughout the park

  • 1 porter potty in the parking lot.

  • New Hikers may have trouble reading the map provided. I recommend downloading a map.'

  • The hike will get a little step and rocky depending on the trail path you take

  • If you are bringing small children make sure you and them pay attention to the rocks on the ground to avoid tripping

  • Trails are marked very well. Make sure you read the map or map app and understand how to read trail signs.

Trail Markings

  • Three square means trail begins

  • One square trail continues

  • Two squares staggered to the right - Turn right or go Right

  • two squares staggered to the left- Turn left or go left

Highlights To Enjoy

  • Huge Rocks- These rocks are huge and they are all over the place. Walking through the forest takes you into another time and space. You can take great pictures, create nice sketches or sit on many of them and enjoy the environment around you.

  • Flowers- On the red trail I saw some beautiful flowers on the path.

  • Streams and creeks- Yes there is a reservoir you can choose to pay along if you take the orange trial. However, while walking in the woods you will stumble upon creeks and streams. They are beautiful and serene

My Return

I plan on going on this hike again. It provides enough adventure to satisfy me but also safe enough for my two little ones. The parking lot was not huge but there was enough room for parking. Also the trails are marked very well which gives me confidence to go back a different way.

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