Colorful Flames Powder

Colorful Flames Powder

SKU: 32981086183


The powerful artificial color flame powder is festive and can make the color of the flame into a festival. 

It is suitable for a campfire in the field, the fire of the fireplace and so on. The principle of the product makes the flame colorful by adding different elements. 

Every time you put 1-3 bags of products into the fire, you can see the flame turned into colorful, including dark or bright blue, purple, red, green, yellow and other colors. 

It can be used in indoor and outdoor fire burning wood and other fuels. According to the size of the flame, the duration of the flame is about ten to dozens of minutes. 

Roast food in a color flame is not allowed.



Material: Metal

Weight: 10g/15g/25g





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