Fruit Infusion Bottle Infuser

Fruit Infusion Bottle Infuser

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This innovative Water Infuser bottle is specially designed to be a delicious companion for all your sports, work, gym and outdoor activities! Store your favorite fruit and veggies such as: grapes, cucumbers, and lemons in the bottom cup of the fruit infuser bottle and shake it to get energizing and tasty fruit infused water. It is completely BPA-free and is accessorized with the anti-leak property.



1. Material: Silicone Plastic

2. Bottom cup infuser: Unscrew the bottom cup of the infuser bottle, flip the bottle onto the top cap, place a piece of your fruity preference onto the infuser and close the see-through lid. Flip the bottle and shake it well for a tasty beverage.

3. Choose the food of your choice: The 7cm wide infuser can hold a piece of your favorite foods like limes, oranges, cucumber, strawberries or even ginger. Cut them in pieces and place it gently over the infuser tip so that they start secreting the juice before closing it with the plastic cup.

4. Eco-friendly: The Fruit Infusion Water Bottle is BRA-free, FDA Food-grade material that’s perfectly safe for your health.

5. Compact size: Convenient to hang on your bike, baby’s stroller, or tossed into a bag or tote while you go out for daily activities. It’s lightweight and sturdy at the same time.

6. Appropriate for all ages: The anti-leak property and light weight of the H2O Water Bottle makes it a suitable choice for the children as well as the adults. Recharge and Hydrate!!!

7. Capacity: 650ml





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