Mens Wide Coasting Sandal

Mens Wide Coasting Sandal

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From the woods to beach and from the beach to the boat. Here’s a water sandal that feels at home no matter where you are. Made with a flexible sole and molded footbed, it’s designed for comfort, and the adjustable heel strap and bungee cord closure ensure a great fit. The rubber is flexible, breathable, and drains water away – and it’s tough enough to use for season after season around the water.

 ***(Fits true to normal size)



1. Hard-Wearing

2. Light Weight

3. Anti-Slippery

4. Quick-Drying

5. Breathable

6. Non-slip, Quick-dry

7. Wear-resistant

8. Soft and Comfortable

9. Adjustable heel strap for great fit

10. Bungee cord closure

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