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Youth Education

Services are offered individually and for groups

Logic & Fallacies

36 Lesson

6th-10th Grade

Students will learn the most common errors in reasoning, spot them, and avoid making errors in reasoning. Click here for the syllabus.

The Art of Argumentation

26 Lesson

7th-12 Grade

" Evaluating the arguments of others is one of the most important and foundational skills that any person can have." ~Aaron Larson

 Whether the student loves wisdom or is pursuing knowledge, the student will walk away to understand better the relevance, presumption, and clarity of an argument. Click here for the syllabus

Critical Thinking

35 Lessons

6th-10th Grade

Students will either receive a thinking tool or learn how to use a thinking tool. 

  • How to list reasons to believe something

  • How to analyze opposing viewpoints

  • Examining evidence and sources

  • Brainstorming

  • The Scientific Method 

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